Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 2: Amalie Jahn

Amalie Jahn is an USA TODAY best selling author, blogger for the Huffington Post and Southern Writers Magazine. Amalie is a TED SPEAKER on “Kindness.” She shared her approach to offering kindness on twitter and the interesting results. Amalie calls herself an ad hoc advocate but I beg the differ. Amalia works locally on human rights issues in her community to fight towards human rights issues. She works with her local “Black Lives Matter Movement”, Incarceration, voting rights issues and she donates her proceeds to various proceeds.

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Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 1: Earnest Winborne

Earnest Winborne is a 40 year veteran in the Television and Entertainment Industry. Earnest shares his journey of being a little boy with a dream to working the red carpets. Although, Earnest and I share the last name we only met a few years ago on Facebook. We are sure that we are related because our families derive from the same place. At eight years old, his grandmother’s friend took him to see “Bungles the Clown” and at that moment he knew that he wanted to be in TV. He drew a picture on the garage of

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A Time for Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving Gratitude Gratitude is the quality of being thankful! This is a season to be grateful for all things. As I process this past year, I am simply grateful for everything that I experienced good and not so good. I’ve grown so much due to some of the struggles. During the hard times, I

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