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Wise Love Mission Statement

Our mission for “Wise Love” is to bring awareness and to honor the sacrifices that many caregivers make to care for their loved one. We seek to highlight the issues and encourage better self care and support systems for caregivers with this movie. 


A mother and caregiver for her schizophrenic 19 year-year-old-son makes a desperate attempt to save her son from himself, a decision that could change their lives forever. 


Dana Wise grapples with the emotional ups and downs of taking care of her schizophrenic 19 year old son. Her love allows her to ignore the severity of KJ’s illness until he has a violent outbreak that puts his life in jeopardy. Dana, then makes an extreme, unconventional choice to help save and protect her son from himself. However, that choice could ultimately change their lives forever. 

Writer, Director Tomeka M. Winborne has created this film to bring awareness to the trauma and mental health challenges caregivers often quietly experience while caring for their loved ones. 

Why Stories Like This Matter

Stories like “Wise Love” matter because this is a topic that is overlooked in our conversations. Many caregivers suffer in silence and feel isolated in their caregiver journey. Caregivers sacrifice their time, resources, physical and mental energy to be there and support their loved ones. But, we need to be there for them in their time of need so they have the support in those challenging moments. This film, Wise Love, is to start a conversation that brings awareness to the sacrifices and mental health issues that many caregivers endure while gracefully caring for their loved ones.