Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 10: Ronnika “RJ” Williams

Ronnika “RJ” Williams
Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 10: Ronnika “RJ” Williams

Ronnika “RJ” Williams is a documentary filmmaker and author. After the passing of RJ’s father she made her father 3 promises and she later fulfilled them.

RJ and her sister went to grief counseling. After going for a while, they recognized that they were the only people of color that was in their group counseling. That encouraged her to go on a journey to find out how the African American community dealt with grief and inspired “The Final 48 project.” The Final 48 project is a multimedia project.

After reaching a point of defeat, she attended the Center of Documentary Studies at Duke University. During that time she was advised to insert herself into the project which allowed her project to flourish again.

RJ also talks about experience in archival management. During an internship they found an old slave burial ground. She also desires to be an archivist for film and television.  

During our conversation, RJ gives really good advice about how she coped with her loss. She also explains how grief is a silent killer. Like after suffering a really bad burn accident and grieving for her father; she had to find a new normal.

RJ has a fundraiser going on to help continue the project.

Also, is the keynote speaker to Father’s Day 3D Brunch for the 3D Foundation (Daughter’s of Deceased Dad’s.)

Website: www.final48.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Final48
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Final48Project

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