A Time for Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving


Gratitude is the quality of being thankful! This is a season to be grateful for all things. As I process this past year, I am simply grateful for everything that I experienced good and not so good. I’ve grown so much due to some of the struggles. During the hard times, I have incorporated making a gratitude list which really transitioned my thought process to focus on the positive things in my life. Life is going to happen but we must choose to focus on what’s positive

1. I’m grateful for my family and friends. 
2. I’m grateful for every hard lesson that I’ve endured this past year. Those lessons contributed towards my growth and healing.
3. I grateful that I feel joy in my heart.
4. I’m grateful for change.
5. Most importantly, I’m grateful to God!

So as you celebrate this Thanksgiving find space in your heart for gratitude. Try making a gratitude list this Thanksgiving!

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love,