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Turning Your Passion Into Profit

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I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. I had the pleasure of being one of the

feature speakers at this Business Expo at the Waterside Sheraton Hotel in Norfolk, VA. It was

really great meeting some amazing new people.


The premise of my speech was the ability to turn what we love doing and seeing the potential

of turning it into a business. In addition to that message, I really wanted to focus on a lot of

resources that are available to either help you people thinking about starting a business. Also, I

shared many resources that I found that many people considering starting a business does not

take advantage or do not know about.


There were so many great speakers who shared some valuable insights to Marketing, Finances,

Blogging and Network Marketing. I was led to really inspire people to take their passion to

create a business. Additionally, I wanted to share some cool and alternatives that are out

there that could help startups. For example, the Small Business Administration have the Small

Business Development Center and SCORE who offer free and low cost services to help with

business plans through the conception of your business for FREE. Additionally, there is a

large amount of small business owners who is not taking advantage of social media which is

absolutely mind blowing to me. Social media allows you to market, brand and connect with

people with very little effort. Its like networking on your computer. I could talk about that subject

alone forever but I will not. I will only say that you talk and see your friends and family on the

phone and in person, let your social networking be a place to meet people, stay engaged with

people and network and the best part is its FREE! I included alternative office spaces like co-
working spaces, virtual offices, home based businesses that can save you a lot of money until

your business capital grows. My speech also hit on crowdfuning, email campaigns, video chats

and blogs just to name a few.


Here is video link of an interview that I did prior to me speaking:

Enjoy your week!

Love the Kids and Love Film

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Today Tivia Gray (filmmaker) and I had the pleasure of teaching a film class at PB Young

Elementary for Mr. Monty Ross (filmmaker) who teaches there regularly after school once a



The hour went by so fast as we helped the kids shoot a promo spot about technology. There

was this one kids that was a natural leader. His confidence was amazing but his leadership

skills were quite impressive. As I was giving instructions to the kids about their assignment for

the day, of course as substitute teachers, there were two kids that had gotten on the computers

and were playing games. The young man that was a leader interrupted me and aggressively

told the other two boys to get off of the computer and pay attention. Those two boys were

actually sweet guys. There was a young lady that was really fun and excited about the film

process. All of the students were extremely bright so Tivia and I only needed to guide and

supervise them.


We allowed the kids to take rolls and we just guided. They did a good job directing, acting and

etc. They had great vision and it was fun to see them bringing their creativity to life. We just

really offered alternatives to various shots and the kids enjoyed it.

In a nutshell we had a great time with kids doing with we love, film!