Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 8: Shivawn Adrienne

Shivawn Adrienne
Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 8: Shivawn Adrienne

Shivawn Adrienne is a Screenwriter, filmmaker & a Creative. We discussed her journey of feeling like an outsider during the time she was in film school to get her MFA in screenwriting. Shivawn turned that negative into a positive by starting, “The Creative Outsiders.” She uses her platform to unite, educate and inspire women filmmakers so that they never feel like outsiders during their filmmaking journey.

Shivawn shares her different processes in writing a book and a screenplay. In addition to the value of the rewrites. We also talk about not comparing your journey to others. She expresses the need for creatives to practice self-care. Also the importance of looking after your friends in their low times. There should be no shame in us taking care of our mental health needs.

In addition to her company “The Creative Outsiders,” she started a podcast also entitled “The Creative Podcast. From the women that she has  interviewed the most important lesson that she has learned, “Do the Work.” It is important to have a tribe. She shares how best friend and family continuously encourages her on her journey.

 Philanthropy, social conscience, and creativity are key themes in Shivawn Adrienne’s life and career. The Virginia native and graduate of Norfolk State and Wilkes University (MFA in Screenwriting) wants to be remembered as a woman who left her mark. She’s the author of the book entitled Rewrite Your Story, founder of The Creative Outsiders.

She currently is in post-production with her short documentary, Lifting Crowns. Most recently Shivawn has worked as an assistant director and script supervisor on several award winning projects for the production company Kweli Legacy. She has been commissioned to adapt a screenplay for an author.

 Her passion lies in encouraging other women to expand their platforms by motivating them to harness and execute their visions. She has developed and helped to implement the visual brand and identity of many women-owned businesses.


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