Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 12: Tivia Lynnell

Tivia Lynnell
Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 12: Tivia Lynnell

Tivia Lynnell, founder/chief creative officer at Tivoyage Entertainment, graduated from Virginia State University where she studied writing, television production, and radio production and served as an on-air personality/Media Specialist for the university’s radio station, 91.3 WVST.  Her voice reached the ten surrounding cities of Petersburg, VA and for sure that’s one of the experiences where her voice-over talent was honed and would give her the confidence to tackle all the characters’ voice-over in her fantasy/adventure/brain-builder web series, “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb”.  Writing based off her own story ideas has been a welcomed present since childhood and her first fantasy/adventure production, “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb” is a merging of her childhood joys of reading and her love of watching movies. 

​Since learning and being trained in California, New York, and Virginia through workshops, classes, and courses in screenwriting, editing, directing, cinematography, and acting, she has steadily put her knowledge and skills acquired to use in various projects, “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb” being the first project released from Tivoyage.  Alongside learning from online tutorials and learning by creating visuals for herself and others, Lynnell is self-taught within Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator.  All of the animation and visual effects in “Bexley Snow and the Magic Orb” were created by Lynnell as well as the digital designs excluding those mentioned in the closing credits of the web series.

​As she nears, what she hopes, is the last revision of her feature length screenplay and a first draft of another, her biggest most understood purpose is “a duty to create responsibly.”  Following that, Lynnell said, “Sometimes I worry that I don’t know how that [creating responsibly] looks or what that means.  At those worry filled moments, all I can do is pray and have faith that I will be lead in accomplishing my purpose.  Once I have relinquished all worries to God, since I am human and a WIP (work-in-progress), I wind up repeating the above emotion or rather state of mind, but thankfully also the remedy—prayer and faith.”

Website:  https://www.tivoyageent.com/bexleysnowandthemagicorb
IG: https://www.instagram.com/tivoyage/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/bexleysnow
Twitter: twitter.com/BexleySnow_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tivoyage/

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