Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 13: Jan Reesman

Jan Reesman
Tea Talks with Tomeka – Episode 13: Jan Reesman

Coming Thursday, July 12, 2012

Writer, Director, Jan Reesman is a Jersey girl who relocated to New York City where she started her journey in the entertainment business as an actress. After doing lots of theater she started producing and directors. That’s where she discovered her love for directing.

Initially, Jan loved NY until she did a house swap with someone in LA. She hated it until she went onto a studio lot. Then she fell in love with it and relocated to LA.

Over the years, Jan played many roles such as a personal manager for writers and actors, taught acting and casting director to pay the bills while working on her career as a director. After three attempts, Jan got into American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women where she created her short film, “ESCAPING JERSEY” which inspired by her life.

Jan shares her journey to creating her new comedic web series, “Baby Boomer Bunnies” which has been selected to the Hoboken Film Festival. We talk about the state of women filmmakers in Hollywood and hiring women. Additionally,  Jan gives amazing nuggets for actors and filmmakers relocating to Los Angeles.

We also talk about the (AWD) Alliance of Women Directors. She shares the growth and benefits of this 501 3c created to support education and advocacy for women directors in film, television, and new media. She was on the board of directors for 20 years. I also serve on the leadership team in Atlanta. It’s such a great organization for women directors.

Jan also shares her love for animals. She became an Animal Behavorist or Trainer. She worked with celebrities to train their dogs. After doing lots of volunteer  work with animals. She now has a 5013c for animals with disabilities which is going to be called St. Felix. They help place cats in foster homes and help with the shelters.




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